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Terms and conditions of sale

1. Definitions

In the present general sales conditions, the terms defined hereafter will have following significations.

Gift voucher: designates the document describing the contents, the place, the validation number and the validation date of an offer and permeting to benefit of it within the establishment. The gift voucher can be delivered by postal way or by digital way. Confirmations or follow-up notifications of folders can be sent by email.

In the digital version, only an email will permit you to print the gift voucher.
The defined gift voucher are presented under various thematic universes, as for instance 'Valuables', 'Special offers', 'Menus & gastronomy', etc...
The Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** reserve the right in its sole discretion and at any moment to complete the list of the gift vouchers available to be sold or to cancel there broadcasting.

Establishment: designates the company issuing the gift voucher and providing the accountability of the cashings, the invoicing, the follow-up of the delivery, the conformity of the services and all the responsabilities refering to the offer.

Crédit Mutuel: designates the company ensuring the security and the payment of the transactions.

Beneficiary: designates the person using the gift voucher.

Service: designates the complete offer provided by the establishment for the beneficiary. It means the service provided to the beneficiary by the establishment among the selection of offers contained in the website.

Client: designates the person who is purchasing a gift voucher, on the understanding that the client can be or not the beneficiary of the service according to wether he will use it personnaly or give it to a beneficiary.

Party(ies): designates the client and/or the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent **.

Website: designates the site

2. General sales conditions

Gift vouchers worked out by the the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** are proposed to you online under the URL address:

The Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** has the status of a LLC (Limited liability company) with a capital of € 5,000. His head office is located at the 28 rue du Nideck 67280 Oberhaslach. The LLC is registered under the SIRET number 50478084200010.

We encourage you to read closely the wholeness of the present general sales conditions which are defining the terms and the conditions that the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** is selling his gift vouchers.
The present general sales conditions shall apply only to the orders of gift vouchers which have been placed on the website, also directly at the phone: 03 88 50 94 10 or at the reception desk of the establishment.
These conditions are applied excluding all other conditions, in particular those which are in force for the in-store sales.
In the case where the origin of the offer has been identified on a distribution website, the selling is done by the establisment and not by the distributor.
The present general sales conditions are valid from the first of january 2022. They are canceling and replacing all the previous versions of these conditions.

The Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** reserve the right to modify the present general sales conditions at any moment without warning, unterstanding that such modifications will be inapplicable to the orders previously accepted and confirmed by the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent **.
Every client states having the judicial capicity in accordance with the article 1124 of the french Civil Code to engage contractually and to use the website in accordance with the general conditions of sales and website usage.

Article 1: ordering process and forming of the contract

You can place directly your orders for gift boxes:

The ordering procedure on the website is including following steps:

Article 2: conditions of use of the gift vouchers and responsability

Article 2.1

Assuming you would not be the beneficiary of the gift voucher, you are invited to inform the beneficiary of all the conditions developped thereafter.

Article 2.2

To be valid the gift voucher must be validated. For that you need to contact the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** at phone number: 03 88 50 94 10.

Article 2.3

Only the presenting of the original of the gift voucher received by post mail or directly printed from the email, gives the right to a performance.

Article 2.4

The gift voucher gives the right to performances worked out by the Hotel Restaurant ** Hostellerie Saint Florent as mentionned on the website, either by an online reservation or by a reservation done directly in the establishment.

Article 2.5

The gift box ist valid for the dates and days indicated precisely on the gift voucher.

Article 2.6

The performances of the gift voucher don't include the transport to the place where those performances are offered by the selected establishment.

Article 2.7

The photographies presented in the gif box are not contractually binding. Any reproduction in part or in full is forbiden.

Article 2.8

Apart from an online reservation, the delivery of a performance will take place after the control of the validity of the gift box and the payment for it. That control implies the validation of the gift voucher number by the establishment to verify the effectiv activation of that gift voucher.

Article 2.9

The delivery of the performance is subjected to the specific conditions of the selected establishment, especially in terms of cancellation or modification of the reservation.

Article 2.10

The establishment is the only responsible of the good fulfilment of the performance. The distributor and the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** cannot accept to be liable if the supply of the performance has been done correctly. However the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** will do his best efforts for trying to find a friendly solution for solving the conflict between the establishment and the beneficiary.

Article 2.11

The gift voucher cannot be exchanged or refunded. It is exchangeable during all its validity period, under certain conditions. To know the exchange modalities, please refer to article 9 of the present general conditions.

Article 2.12

If the gift voucher has not been used during his validity period, or has been lost, stolen or destroyed, the beneficiary cannot claim any refund or compensation. By contrast, in the case where a beneficiary cannot use his gift voucher in the planned period, we are inviting him to contact the establisment.

Article 2.13

The Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** declares to be the holder of a professional indemnity insurance for amounts notoriously sufficient to provide performances and to have all the authorizations and qualifications allowing to practice his activities regularly and in accordance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Article 3: prices and terms of payment

Article 3.1: prices

The prices of the gift boxes, displayed on the website, are those in force at the day of the ordering.
The gift boxes are outside of the scope of VAT.

Article 3.2: terms of payment

The payment can be done in accordance with the following rules:

Article 4: right of withdrawal

When buying a gift voucher in accordance with the terms of the article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code, you have 14 days to enforce your right of withdrawal, without having to give reasons or to pay any penalty, excepted the costs of return.

The costs of return will stay at your expense. Only gift boxes and vouchers returned on time and in a perfect state (the gift boxes returned without the voucher, damaged or dirty shall not be accepted) can be reimbursed.

The gift boxes must be returned à the following mailing adress:
Client service Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent **
28 rue du Nideck
67280 Oberhaslach.

Every return sending done in accordance with the conditions of the present article will be reimbursed of the total amount of the sums paid within a maximum of thirty days from the reception of the gift box in perfect condition.

Article 5: proof of the orders/archiving

You are expressly informed that, except in case of an obvious error you could prove, the data stored in the databases of the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** have legal force concerning the given orders.

The data stored on regularly preserved computer or electronic medias constitute admissible and opposable proofs in the same terms and with the same legal force than any written document received and conserved.

Article 6: delivery

Article 6.1: availability of the gift vouchers

The gift vouchers of the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** are products worked out in limited quantities, firstly due to limited capacity of reception and secondly due to the limited validity of the gift vouchers.
In case of temporary or definitive out of stock situation, the client will be informed of that unavailability because the fullfilment of the order can not succeed.
When the products are available, the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** undertakes to honour any order of gift vouchers from the client. If an order cannot be honored because an out of stock situation, you will have two possibilities:

Article 6.2: place of delivery

The Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** is sending the gift boxes per postway.
The gift boxes will be delivered at the address you have indicated at the data entry of your order. The Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** will not be held liable in any way if you are absent at the delivery or if you made an error at the input of the order. You will have to contact the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** in accordance with the conditions detailled in article 11.

Article 6.3: routing method and delivery time

The delivery will be done by the Post Office.
We remind you that the deliveries do not occur neither on saturday nor on sunday.
Digital sending: a gift voucher can be addressed by the client to a beneficiary in a digital sending form. For that, the client has to tick the 'digital sending' box by ordering; the gift voucher will then be delivered in a PDF format which can be downloaded by the beneficiary. For the providing of the performances, this gift voucher must be printed by the beneficiary to be presented at the reception desk of the establishment.

Article 7: non-corresponding

Article 7.1

Any delivered gift box must be subjected to a detailed control done by the Client.
If the control has not be done, the product is considered to be in good state and cannot be subject of any future dispute by the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent **.

Article 7.2: error of a gift box

The Client must formulate in a letter or an email, within 72 working hours from the receiving of the order, all the errors concerning the ordered gift boxes.
Any claim which has not be done in accordance with the rules of the present article and in the planned time limits can not be taken into account and will clear the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** of all responsability toward the Client.

Article 8: transfer of ownership and risks

The transfer of ownership and risks will occur at the delivery of the gift box(es) to the client.

Article 9: validity period of the gift boxes

The gift boxes have a limited validity period indicated on the gift voucher.

Article 10: customer service - claiming

Every other request of informations and clarifications has to be addressed to the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent **:

Article 11: integrity of the contract

The fact that the gift box does'nt, at any moment, make use for his advantage of one of the clauses of the general sales conditions, can not be understood as a waiver from the Hotel Restaurant Hostellerie Saint Florent ** to prevail later of one of these conditions.
Assuming that one of the present disposals could be declared void or deemed not having been written, the validity of the other disposals of the general sales conditions will not be called into question.

Article 12: applicable law

The law governing the present general sales conditions and the contract concluded at the occasion of the initiating of an order of a gift box, is the french law for all the disputes concerning their validity, their interpretation, their implementing or their canceling.

Article 13: the court having jurisdiction (settlement of the disputes)

In case of dispute, the relevant court will be the one of the place where the establishment has his address.

Update on: 03/10/2022